Minsan hindi mo namamalayan na namamalayan mo na pala.

first love <3 #hh

hacker.galpie ^^v

people are unpredictable. uwat.

cousins. ♥

Psalm 139:14

#throwback #p6mates

I was scrolling at Ansel’s IG then a notif startled me. I was like
O___o O___O -___-” shet! #false



my feet seeks salt water. #wanderlust

APEBEDE @jeramiebuo ! :) It’s your first day of being a lady! yey \^^/ I miss you vair vair much. wish to see you soonest! mwa. #jeramie18th #repost

Happy 18th year of existence to my selfie buddy @jeramiebuo ! :)